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We are proud to be a good steward of our investors' capital. We believe that strong, principled governance is essential to responsible investment, and we have been working hard to maintain a reputation and culture of integrity in the energy space for over two decades.​ We believe that proactive responsible investment with a focus on environmental, social, and governance considerations is not only our obligation as a matter of corporate integrity, but can also help promote long-term value for our investors.​ We seek to avoid ownership in companies that do not respect human rights, comply with applicable social and environmental legislation, avoid corrupt business practices, or uphold the highest standards of business integrity and honesty.


Sustainability: Combination enhances shareholder value

Strive to provide a value proposition that aligns with our customers' needs and aspirations.

Establish a strong financial bedrock while exercising exemplary capital stewardship.

Invest in high-quality, economically viable businesses that promote a transition towards a clean, low-carbon future.

Recruit top-tier talent and foster an environment that encourages their growth and success.

Be an exemplary corporate entity, making positive contributions to the communities we inhabit.

Collaborate with leading entrepreneurs in oil and gas companies, focused on improving emission intensity while maximizing investor returns.

Uphold robust environmental practices and inspire peer organizations through our environmental leadership.

Foster a culture that prioritizes governance transparency and accountability.

Partner with industry leaders to promote renewable energy growth, energy resource efficiency, economy electrification, and carbon emission management.

Mx Blue is in the process to become a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investing

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